Come join us for summer 2023 to get your start, get your fix, get your leg up on the competition, or just get your opportunity to bathe in shameless pony love

We offer summer camps for kids, adults, and a mother daughter weekend. Pony love is for all of us!

Summer Camps for Kids

Mounting Up

June 12-14

July 17-19

August 7-9


For new riders and those working on their walk and trot. This camp is the perfect opportunity to get a jump start on your riding! With two mounted and one unmounted lesson a day this camp will get your kid closer to flying! All age six and up welcome

Moving On

July 10-14

JULY 24-28


For riders working on mastering the canter and starting over small obstacles, this is the perfect transition for kids who want to work towards showing! We will perfect our positions and move on to small obstacles!

Stepping Out

June 26-June 30

$400 (includes coaching for competition but not housing, trailer, or entry fees)

This is a camp for riders already comfortable with low level competition in the eventing disciplines looking to hone their skills. We will travel to compete on the weekend (venue tbd). This camp will include a few overnights and there will be room to bring and board your own critter.

Adult Camp

Dressage Camp (adults and qualified juniors)

June 10th 9-2:00

$75.00 lunch included

Trailer ins welcome

For riders proficient at basic skills on the flat who want to refine their communication and improve their scores. Anyone interested can compete with us at a non rated show during the season for a reduced coaching fee.

Adult Camp for All Young at Heart

August 5-6

$150 lunch included


Lunch will be served. Fun will be had. All are welcome regardless of skill level. You WILL improve your confidence, balance and understanding. Overnight accommodations available for horse and rider upon request. Don’t miss this one.

Jumping Camp (adults and qualified juniors)

May 27-28 8-2:00

Suitable for riders comfortable over 2″ obstacles

$150 includes lunch and discount coaching fee for any of the CVSJA showjumping series

Trailer ins welcome!

The first day we will focus on addressing the holes in our flatwork that are limiting our success over fences and improve our form over small gymnastics. The second day we will work over courses.

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